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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 65

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 65 - Chapt 5 Newtons Laws and...

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Chapt. 5 Newton’s Laws and Dynamics I 61 14. An ideal rope (i.e., massless, but it has friction so the monkey can grip it) hangs over ideal tree bough (i.e., frictionless). The parts on both sides hang vertically. A block of 10 kg sits on the ground is tied to one end of the rope. An ideal monkey of mass 5 kg climbs up the rope on the opposite side of the bough from the block. NOTE: How the monkey is supported and can be accelerated is a somewhat difficult to understand. She exerts a friction force on a rope segment that is equal and opposite to the friction force of the rope segment on her needed to support her against gravity and accelerate her. The rope segment isn’t moving at all, and so the monkey’s force on the segment and the tension force on the rope segment must be equal and opposite. So the tension force of the rope on the rope segment is equal to the friction force on the monkey. But that is all a bit complex.
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