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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 68

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 68 - 64 Chapt 6 Newtons Laws...

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64 Chapt. 6 Newton’s Laws and Dynamics II a) Newton’s 2nd law in spherical polar coordinates. b) Newton’s 2nd law in polar coordinates. c) the centripetal force formula. d) the centripetal acceleration formula. e) the simple harmonic oscillator formula. 006 qmult 00400 1 1 4 easy memory: uniform circular motion deFned Extra keywords: physci 7. Uniform circular motion is motion in a/an: a) circle at a constant VELOCITY . b) oval at a constant VELOCITY . c) oval at a constant SPEED . d) circle at a constant SPEED . e) circle at a nonconstant SPEED . 006 qmult 00410 1 1 3 easy memory: centripetal acceleration in UCM Extra keywords: physci 8. In uniform circular motion, the acceleration has: a) a constant magnitude and always points OUTWARD from the center of motion. b) a constant magnitude and always points ALONG the circular path (i.e., tangent to the circular path). c) a constant magnitude and always points INWARD to the center of motion. d) a zero value.
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