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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 6 Newtons Laws and Dynamics II 67 A central-force system is one in which only a central force acts on an object. A particular example of a central force system is the solar system. Except for minor perturbations, the planets are subject to only to the central force of the Suns gravity. The motion of an object in a central-force system is confined to a single plane and hence is two-dimensional motion. This single plane is determined by the initial velocity direction and central-force origin. There is no force to cause the object to develop a velocity componet out of the plane. Central force systems are one of the main areas of application for Newtons 2nd law in polar coordinates since they exploit the symmetry of the system if one puts the coordinate origin at the central-force origin and, of course, makes the polar coordinate plane the plane of motion. We assume hereafter we have chosen the polar coordinates to exploit the symmetry our central-force systems....
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