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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 6 Newton’s Laws and Dynamics II 69 d) What is the appropriate formula for the banking angle θ such that the friction force is never called upon to help cause the car to go into uniform circular motion? Why is this the case? If friction is never called upon, can it ever fail to supply adequate force to keep the car in uniform circular motion? What force or forces do supply the centripetal force on the car friction is not called on? e) In this part, assume that banking angle formula has not been used. Thus, θ contact and θ are independent. Now let us assume that the contact force vector F contact is the vector sum of the normal force and the friction force. Since the normal force only acts perpendicular to the surface and the friction force parallel to the surface, you can find formulae for the normal and friction forces by taking the components of vector F contact , respectively, along the PERPENDICULAR to the surface (take outward as positive) and along the surface (take downhill as positive). First find the normal and friction force formulae in terms of(take downhill as positive)....
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