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70 Chapt. 6 Newton’s Laws and Dynamics II conservation of angular momentum keeps the spacecraft rotating at the constant rate. Let’s not worry about torques and angular momentum here. But gravity of large spherical bodies exerts virtually no torque on spacecraft, and so spacecraft in orbit are nearly torque-free. People have often imagined giant pinwheel space stations where people work under artiFcial gravity conditions on the wheel. Near zero artiFcial gravity would exist in a module at the center of the wheel connected by spokes to the wheel. What is the artiFcial gravity force on a motionless object? What way does the artiFcial gravity point? Which way do human bodies point when standing normally in the wheel? What force stops standing people from “falling” under the artiFcial gravity? c) What’s the artiFcal gravitational Feld magnitudes for any ω and r for the centrifugal force and the Coriolis force? Continue assuming a 2-dimensional system for simplicity. Which way does the centrifugal force gravitational Feld point? d) Due to ordinary human motions, the Coriolis force can act on the inner ear causing dizziness,
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