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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 6 Newtons Laws and Dynamics II 73 d) You measure the terminal speed to be 3 . 00 m / s. What is the constant b and the time constant (or e-folding time) for the styrofoam ball? The styrofoam has mass m = 0 . 0100 kg. e) At what time does the styrofoam ball reach 90 % of its terminal speed? f) Say that instead of the linear drag force, we had the general power law drag force F = bv p , where p > 0. What is the formula for the terminal speed in this case for the styrofoam ball? What happens to the styrofoam if p = 0? 006 qfull 00720 2 3 0 moderate math: linear drag force 2 Extra keywords: Cant be used on a test until students know exponential derivatives 10. The formula for the velocity of a body accelerating from rest acted on by a constant driving force F drive and the linear drag force (magnitude bv ) is v = v T (1 e t/ ) , where v T is the terminal speed and is the time constant or e-folding time. The system is one-dimensional in the direction of the driving in the direction of the driving force....
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