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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 6 Newtons Laws and Dynamics II 75 important to motion in resistive fluids, but it enters through the gravitational force and mvectora of vector F net = mvectora . Note A and B are always greater than or equal to zero. a) Sketch F ( v ) as a function of v assuming A and B are both greater than zero. Note the physical region is where v 0: only plot that region. Identify two different velocity regimes. Determine an expression for a characteristic velocity for the transition between small and large velocity regimes. What is the force F tr at the transition velocity? HINTS: There is no absolute rule for determining characteristic values. For instance in this case a simple value that allows a yes/no decision about what regime the velocity is in would be appropriate. b) Say we have a body of mass m in a fluid that obeys our fluid resistive force law. The body is completely surrounded by the fluid and the context of the system is the Earths surface....
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