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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 8 Potential Energy and Mechanical Energy Multiple-Choice Problems 008 qmult 00100 1 1 2 easy memory: potential energy definition Extra keywords: physci 1. Potential energy is: a) the energy of position: it exists for nonconservative forces. b) the energy of position: it exists for conservative forces. c) the energy of motion: its formula is PE = (1 / 2) mv 2 . d) the energy of position: its formula is PE = (1 / 2) mv 2 . e) heat energy. 008 qmult 00110 2 1 3 moderate memory: paths and a conservative force 2. The work done by a conservative force on an object while the object moves on a path between two endpoints is: a) INDEPENDENT of the path and endpoints. b) DEPENDENT on the path. c) INDEPENDENT of the path between the endpoints. d) DEPENDENT on the path, but NOT on the endpoints. e) equal to the path length. 008 qmult 00120 1 4 1 easy deducto-memory: general potential energy formula 3. Lets play Jeopardy ! For $100, the answer is: PE = W . a) What is the formula relating...
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