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Chapt. 8 Potential Energy and Mechanical Energy 81 6. British American Benjamin Thompson (1753–1814), while employed as director of the Bavarian arsenal, noticed that in boring cannon (but not causing cannon ennui) that the boring motion and friction seemed to produce unlimited amounts of heat. He concluded: a) heat was a substance of which there could only be so much of in any object. b) that heat was somehow generated by motion and friction. This conclusion eventually led to the recognition of heat as another form of energy that could be converted from or converted into, e.g., mechanical or chemical energy. c) that heat had no relation to motion and friction and was somehow spontaneously generated by cannon. d) that cannon could be the plural of cannon. e) that the biergartens in Munich were much better than the taverns in Boston and that Sam Adams, patriot-founding-father notwithstanding, could have learnt a thing or two about brewing beer.
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