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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 8 Potential Energy and Mechanical Energy 85 angle of the track to the horizontal to be θ . f) Assuming for the part (c) question that the motion was all downhill and the displacement in the horizontal direction was about the same as in the vertical direction, estimate the travel time between the two locations. 008 qfull 00240 2 3 0 moderate math: bead on a wire 4. There is a bead of mass m on a rigid, unmoving wire. The wire passes fairly snugly through a hole in the bead: i.e., the bead is strung on the wire. The wire is FRICTIONLESS and there is NO air drag. The wire extends in the horizontal and vertical directions. As one moves along the horizontal direction, the wire rises and falls and even does loops. The wire has multiple maxima and minima and horizontal segments of finite length. The wire goes on and on: it has no ends: it may be closed: i.e., form a continuous loop. The whole system is located on the surface of the Earth—where the only significant gravitational force is that of the Earth. Atsurface of the Earth—where the only significant gravitational force is that of the Earth....
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