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Unformatted text preview: 86 Chapt. 8 Potential Energy and Mechanical Energy 6. Knowing it will do no harm (or good) you drop your cat Tarquin Superbus from rest from a height y i onto a VERTICAL spring. Tarquin has mass m . The spring is massless and IDEAL (i.e., sans dissipation) with spring constant k and massless platform on the top on which Tarquin lands. The spring is initially at rest with its platform at the spring’s intrinsic equilibrium position: we define the spring’s intrinsic equilibrium position to be the y = 0 level. On landing on the spring platform, Tarquin grips it and holds on tight for the rest of the problem. The problem is entirely 1-dimensional. a) Qualitatively what is going to happen to Tarquin after he is on the spring for the foreseeable future? b) Using conservation of energy write down an equation relating y i and the post-landing Tarquin parameters velocity v and height y . Tarquin and platform constitute a point particle of course....
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