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Unformatted text preview: 88 Chapt. 8 Potential Energy and Mechanical Energy a) What is the work W done by the AO force when the oscillator is moved from the origin to a general point x ? HINTS: You will have to do an integration. Remember which way the force points and which way the oscillator is moving. b) Say that the oscillator before and after it has been moved was at rest. What was the work W app done by the applied force that caused the movement? Assume only the applied force and the AO force act. c) What is the expression for the AO potential energy PE if the origin is chosen to be zero potential energy? d) Say that there are no nonconservative forces and we give the AO an initial mechanical energy of E . What is its mechanical energy at all later times? e) What is the maximum speed that the oscillator can have given that it has mechanical energy E ? Where does it reach this maximum speed? f) What is the maximum displacement x max that the AO can get from the origin (i.e., the amplitude of the oscillation) given mechanical energy...
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