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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 94 - 90 Chapt 9 Momentum in his...

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Unformatted text preview: 90 Chapt. 9 Momentum in his young Viking days, he realizes that he will soar straight to Asgard if, with awesome strength, he throws his hammer: a) yonder. b) anti-yonder. c) any which way. d) left. e) in a parabolic arc. 009 qmult 00272 1 3 4 easy math: diver from boat, momentum conserved Extra keywords: physci KB-96-25 8. A 50 kg girl (who is initially at rest) dives horizontally at 2 . 0 m / s in the POSITIVE direction from a 200 kg boat that initially is at rest. Given that the event is an ideal collision event, what is the initial recoil VELOCITY of the boat? a) 0 . 25 m / s. b) 0 . 70 m / s. c) − . 70 m / s. d) − . 50 m / s. e) infinite. 009 qmult 00320 1 1 2 easy memory: elephant collision 9. If someone says elephant, a large, grey, tusked animal with a trunk comes into your mind. If someone says COLLISION in the context of a physics problem, into your mind SHOULD come the concept of: a) elephant. b) conservation of momentum....
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