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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 95

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 95 - Chapt 9 Momentum 91 a 0 b...

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Chapt. 9 Momentum 91 a) 0. b) 6 . 0 m / s. c) 6 . 0 m / s. d) 2 . 7 m / s. e) Indeterminate. Full-Answer Problems 009 qfull 00100 2 3 0 moderate math: proving F=ma system Extra keywords: For calculus-based course. Maybe for tests since it’s in notes. 1. Consider a system of particles. The system is general. The particles may be rigidly bonded together. They may be non-rigidly bonded together. They may only interact through collisions. They may not interact at all. It’s a general system. a) Assume the center-of-mass version of Newton’s 2nd law holds for each particle and write it down for particle i . b) Write down the net force on particle i as an explicit sum of external and internal forces. The external forces are due to particles or fields external to the system and the internal forces are due to other particles in the system. c) Prove that the sum of all the internal forces for the system is zero. d) Prove that vector F net = summationdisplay i m i vectora i , where vector F net
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