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92 Chapt. 9 Momentum b) Just after the explosion, what must the total y -direction momentum be of the two fragments that went straight up and down? Explain why it is this value. c) How far does the 3rd fragment go in the x direction if it starts a height y 0 above a Fat plain assuming no air drag? Derive the formula for the distance including a derivation of the the horizontal-launch projectile range formula. Give the answer in terms of given variables and g . 009 qfull 00280 3 3 0 tough thinking: conservation of momentum in a boat with King Extra keywords: boat-King-you system 3. Your dog King—a she, but somehow that wasn’t obvious before the puppies (“Ooh, arn’t they sweethearts.”)—is on a long Fat-bottomed boat (10 m in length to be precise) on a placid lake. King now muscles in at 90 kg—you must not have been listening when her grandsire Gross Hans the St. Bernard was being aired—“he could haul an SUV”. You, also on the boat, however, are a petite 50 kg—which makes opening the door when you get home from work, King keening just
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