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Chapt. 10 Collisions 99 Extra keywords: Has to be renumbered and maybe reworked. 2. Few now remember Underdog, but once he was big on Saturday morning, long before Scoobie Doo—he’s still Big: it’s television that’s gotten small. Let’s assume Underdog was invulnerable, although I can’t in fact remember. a) A sub-villain—arch-villains having bigger dogs to impound—trys to mow the Canny Canine down with a hail of bullets: bullet mass m = 3 g, bullet length 1 cm, bullet speed v = 600 m / s, bullet rate of ±re n = 500 bullets per minute. Assuming the bullets just bounce o² the immovable Heroic Hound following an elastic collision, what is the average force they exert on him. Assume a 1-dimensional setup and that the rebound speed is the same as the incident speed albeit you should know as much because he’s immovable. b) Now CRUDELY estimate the average force exerted by one bullet on impact during the impact time Δ t itself. To do this you need BLANK and BLANK , and you already
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