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Chapt. 12 Rotational Dynamics 109 24. Two cylinders of the same mass and radius start from rest at the top of an incline and roll down. One is just a thin cylindrical shell and the other is solid cylinder of uniform density. Which reaches the bottom FIRST ? a) Neither. b) The reach the bottom at the same time. c) The shell one. d) The solid one. e) It’s random which one reaches the bottom Frst. 012 qmult 01280 2 5 2 moderate thinking: mechanical energy conserved Extra keywords: new place 25. In the idealized object-rolling-down-incline system, the rolling object is perfectly round (a cylinder or sphere), the object and incline are perfectly rigid, and there is a static frictional force that causes there to be no slipping. (The frictional force is a static frictional force since ideally at the point of contact there is no relative motion between object and incline surfaces.) Mechanical energy (the sum of potential energy, center-of-mass (translational) kinetic energy, rotational kinetic energy) is conserved. And yet there is a frictional force is doing work on the
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