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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 12 Rotational Dynamics 111 012 qfull 00612 2 3 0 moderate math: LLNL door and torque 2 Extra keywords: (HR-243:53p) 3. The shield door of the neutron test facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (where they design the bombs) has been upgraded hypothetically—though not in reality. This most massive hinged door: mass 64 , 000 kg, rotational inertia about its hinge axis 1 . 25 × 10 5 kg m 2 , door width 3 . 2 meters. Assuming zero friction, what constant force perpendicular to the door at its outer edge is needed to move the door 90 ◦ in 20 s? Show your calculations. 012 qfull 00640 3 3 0 tough math: Pippa on merry-go-round 4. Wee Pippa Passing runs up to a playground merry-go-round, initially at rest, and jumps radially onto the rim. a) What is the torque she exerts about the rotational axis of the merry-go-round? Does the merry-go-round start to rotate? Why or why not? Does the merry-go-round move at all?...
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