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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 12 Rotational Dynamics 113 relative to the fixed stars—you’ve been told off more than once about trying to set rotation relative to the Sun. (Later inhabitants of this prime real estate will call the time taken by 9192631770 oscillations of cesium light a SECOND .) a) What is angular velocity in radians per second of the Earth for your chosen period of rotation? b) Say you give yourself about one year (which you take to be π × 10 7 s which you know is accurate enough) of constant acceleration to spin the Earth up from REST to your chosen final angular velocity. What is the constant angular acceleration α you need for your given spin-up time? c) But after a long thoughtful (i.e., vacant) pause, you realize you will need know the rotational inertia of the Earth if you are to apply the right torque to get the right angular acceleration. Not having discovered integration yet—you’ll get around to it some aeon or another—you decide on an empirical method to determine the rotational inertia formula. You have adecide on an empirical method to determine the rotational inertia formula....
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