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Unformatted text preview: 118 Chapt. 13 Equilibrium and Elasticity c) Why is there a center of mass, Alex? d) Why is there a center, Alex? e) Why is there a universe, Alex? 013 qmult 00400 1 3 5 easy math: simple beam torque calculation 4. An object of mass 1 kg sits on a horizontal beam at 1 m from a pivot point. What is the torque about the pivot point that the weight of the mass causes? a) 1 Nm. b) 2 Nm. c) 3 Nm. d) 4 Nm. e) 9.8 Nm. 013 qmult 00500 2 3 1 moderate math: torque calculation with a beam 5. Two objects are sitting on a uniform horizontal beam. The beam rests on a pivot at its center of mass. The beam is free to rotate about the pivot. Object 1 sits on the left-hand side of the pivot at a distance ℓ 1 from the pivot. Object 2 sits on the right-hand side at a distance ℓ 2 . Given m 1 = Nm 2 , what is ℓ 2 in terms of ℓ 1 ? HINT: Draw a diagram. a) ℓ 2 = Nℓ 1 . b) ℓ 2 = ℓ 1 /N . c) ℓ 2 = ℓ 1 ....
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