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Chapt. 15 Fluids 135 kinetic energy. They have virtually no resistance to shear stresses. The atoms or molecules only touch during collisions and are usually widely separated. Of course, atoms and molecules have no hard edges, but they do have regions of strong interaction and it is these regions that touch. Atoms and molecules resist compression, but they not relatively strongly since they are not touching. If compressed very highly, they usually change to another phase of matter. What is , Alex? a) ices b) crystals c) gases d) liquids e) solids 015 qmult 00200 1 1 1 easy memory: density de±ned Extra keywords: physci 6. Density (with standard physics symbol the Greek rho ρ ) unquali±ed is conventionally take to be the ratio of: a) mass over volume. b) volume over mass. c) weight over volume. d) weight over mass. e) mass over weight. 015 qmult 00202 1 1 2 easy memory: density symbol 7. The virtually universal symbol for density is: a) α (the small Greek alpha). b) ρ (the small Greek rho). c)
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