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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 141 - Chapt. 15 Fluids 137 a)...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 15 Fluids 137 a) He is too quick to explode. b) He holds his breath. c) Hal has not anticipated Bowmans maneuver or at least has no contingency plan. d) Sheer plot requirement. e) Most of the bodys internal pressure is supplied by nearly incompressible (and therefore nearly non-expandable) fluid and solid: these parts wont explode under decompression. The solid and liquid parts are strong enough it seems to keep the air in the body cavities contained. One HOLDS ones breath and one hopes ones eardrums dont rupture. 015 qmult 00510 2 4 2 moderate deducto-memory: pressure with depth Extra keywords: physci? 20. The expression for pressure of an incompressible fluid (of density ) as a function of depth y (measured positive downward) below a surface is: a) P = P surface + y . b) P = P surface + gy . c) P = 1 2 P surface + gy . d) P = gy/P surface . e) P = P surface ....
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