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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 15 Fluids 139 where m is the mass of the floating object, ρ fluid is the density of the fluid, and V dis is the amount of fluid displaced by the floating object. Say that you have a cup of water filled to the brim with water and an ice sample of volume V and mass m floating in the water. The volume displaced by the ice is V dis . After the sample melts its mass is unchanged, of course, and its density is that of water. So after melting, sample has volume: a) V dis and the cup is filled to the brim still. b) V and the cup overflows. c) V and the cup is unfilled. d) zero and the cup is unfilled. e) zero and the cup overflows. 015 qmult 00780 3 5 1 hard thinking: water level in pool and canoe Extra keywords: physci KB-131-13 A hard thinking question, but memory helps 30. An empty aluminum canoe floats in swimming pool. It springs a leak and sinks to the bottom. The upshot requires a bit thinking, but one finds that the pool water level: a) lowers. b) rises. c) stays constant. d) freezes.d) freezes....
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