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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 146

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 146 - 142 Chapt 15 Fluids e...

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Unformatted text preview: 142 Chapt. 15 Fluids e) Derive the expression for static equilibrium pressure in the horizontal direction r . This is done treating the rotating frame as a static reference frame with a centrifugal force. Leave the constant of integration undetermined for the moment: it will depend on y and p ext . HINT: Consider the inner and outer horizontal pressures on a differential hollow cylinder of thickness dr and mean surface area dA centered on the rotation axis. f) Set the zero level of y to be the height of the fluid at the r = 0 point. Now combine the two pressure expressions with the boundary condition p ( r = 0 ,y = 0) = p ext , to find pressure as a function of r and y . HINT: Pressure must have a unique value for each location ( r,y ). g) From the general pressure expression found in the part (f) answer, determine the formula for the height y of the surface as a function of r . 015 qfull 00460 3 5 0 tough thinking: planet pressure, Mastodon Extra keywords: For calculus-based courses only until reevaluated.For calculus-based courses only until reevaluated....
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