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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 147

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 147 - Chapt 15 Fluids 143 d...

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Chapt. 15 Fluids 143 d) What is the DIAMETER of the 2nd piston? 015 qfull 00740 2 5 0 mod thinking: Archimedes principle, Tasmanian devil 5. We’ve all heard of Archimedes and King Hieron II’s crown. But modern scientists and technologists are seldom called on to hallmark crowns. Let’s apply Archimedes’s principle to a real world situation. a) You wish to accurately determine the density of your Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii). You’ve already determined her mass to be 10 . 0 kg—between master and pet, what are a few scratches and one little bite to the bone? (Female Tasmanian devils have an average mass of about 6 kg, and so your devil is huge.) But now you need to determine her volume. What do you do? HINT: You’ll need a tank of water with a water-level scale and some persuasion. b) But say Gris-Gris doesn’t submerge fully in the water, but she doesn’t try to swim and is content to just float. By what amount does the water level rise and what is her density?
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