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148 Chapt. 16 Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion b) it has BEEN thought of before. c) the hypnotic pendulum swinging motion would induce even deeper slumber in your less- amusing, clockwatching students. d) even a bad idea can make money. All that is needed is a great advertizing campaign. e) all clocks using pendulums as regulators for the motions of the hands and the energy input to keep the motions going would keep the periods of the hands very constant since small variations in amplitude that arise from somewhat irregular resistive and driver forces would have little eFect on the pendulum period. Also the pendulum clocks could be kept synchronized to high accuracy despite varying amplitudes for the pendulum motion and masses for pendulum. Of course, the eFective length of the pendulum does aFect the period and has to be carefully adjusted for synchronization, but that is easy to do. It’s one of those Eureka moments. 016 qmult 00510 1 1 1 easy memory: SHO and uniform circular motion
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