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150 Chapt. 16 Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion are from the left and some are from the right. The block sits on a level frictionless Foor. The springs are ideal. Each spring has a force constant k i and equilibrium position x i for the center of the block: i.e., x i is where the block center would be in equilibrium if only spring i were attached to the block. a) What is the expression for the net force on the mass? b) ±ind the appropriate single-spring equivalent k (i.e., force constant) and x eq (i.e., equilibrium position) expressions such that the net force expression changes to F = k ( x x eq ) . Why is the x eq the equilibrium position of the total system? c) ±ind expression for the total system ω in terms of the individual spring ω i ’s and the total system period P in terms of the individual spring periods P i . 016 qfull 00370 3 5 0 tough thinking: two-phase motion, collision and SHM Extra keywords: conservation of momentum, conservation of energy. 5. There is a hunk of mass 5 kg on a frictionless horizontal surface attached to a horizontal ideal
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