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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 17 Waves I: General Waves and Waves on a String 153 c) A point of maximum amplitude in standing waves. d) That which proceeds a node. e) That which follows a node. 017 qmult 00600 1 4 3 easy deducto-memory: antinodes and humps 14. In the 3rd harmonic of standing waves on a string fixed at both ends, how many antinodes are there: a) Six: 2 for each of the 3 full wavelengths making up the pattern. b) Four: the endpoints and the 2 inner points of no motion. c) Three. d) Two like the Bactrian camel. e) One like the Arabian camel. 017 qmult 00700 2 3 5 moderate math: standing wave wavelength on a string 15. You have a string of length L with fixed endpoints. There are standing waves on the string. You count n antinodes. What is the wavelength of the waves? a) λ = Ln . b) λ = L/n . c) λ = L 2 /n . d) λ = L . e) λ = 2 L/n . Full-Answer Problems 017 qfull 00100 1 3 0 easy math: a sinusoidal traveling wave 1. The equation of a transverse wave on a string is y ( t ) = 9 . 0 sin(0 . 01...
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