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154 Chapt. 17 Waves I: General Waves and Waves on a String b) Show that the travel time for a wave across the whole rope is t = 2 r L/g . HINTS: What is the travel time for the wave across a diFerential bit of rope dt at general y ? How do you go from a diFerential answer to a global answer? 017 qfull 00400 1 5 0 easy thinking: harmonic freq. 1st order approximation 4. The formula for the harmonic resonance frequencies of string with ±xed ends is:
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Unformatted text preview: f = n v 2 L , where n is the harmonic number, v is the string wave speed, and L is the string length. Say one changed L by L . What is the expression for f (the corresponding change in f ) according to the 1st order approximation of calculus: i.e., f/ L df/dL ....
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