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Unformatted text preview: 156 Chapt. 18 Waves II: Sound Waves c) decrease of intensity as the inverse square of distance from a point source of sound or light. d) cause of entropy. e) cause of heat capacity. 018 qmult 00720 1 1 2 easy memory: Doppler effect generality Extra keywords: physci KB-212-11 8. The Doppler effect occurs waves: a) only for sound b) for many kinds of c) only for light d) only for transverse e) for no kinds of Full-Answer Problems 018 qfull 00100 1 5 0 easy thinking: sound and light speeds 1. Its the 4th of July night and as usual theres half an hour of firecrackers. After watching for 20 minutesyou are swiftyou realize something is wrong. You hear the explosion always after you see it. In fact, the time difference is about 1.5 seconds. Explain this and tell how far you are from the rockets red glare. 018 qfull 00200 2 3 0 moderate math: lines of destructive interference 2. There are two identical coherent, in-phase sources of sound separated by 2 . 5 m. (Coherence means having a definite [usually constant] phase relation. In-phase, means that the crests,means having a definite [usually constant] phase relation....
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