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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 161

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 161 - Chapt 18 Waves II Sound...

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Chapt. 18 Waves II: Sound Waves 157 a) What is the frequency heard on train B if the air is still? b) What frequency is heard on train B if the air is blowing at 60 m / s (it’s hurricane force, but very steady and nonturbulent) in the direction from train A to train B? c) What frequency is heard on train B if the wind direction is reversed? 018 qfull 00800 2 5 0 hard thinking: sweet Polly Purebred 6. The foul Batbird has kidnapped sweet Polly Purebred and secreted her in his lair in an unkown reach of the Carlsbad Caverns—the enormous Batbird Cave! This looks like a job for Underdog. a) Having penetrated the pitch-dark Cave, the Sober Sealyham gives gives a mighty Woof to which the Sultry Saluki upon hearing it instantly replies with a plaintive whimper. The time between Woof and the reply is 2 . 20 s and the speed of sound is 340 m / s. What is distance from Underdog to Polly? b) Just then the batholithic Batbird swoops at Underdog having detected his location by bat sonar. But two can play that game: the Musical Mutt, still at rest himself, emits a
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