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Unformatted text preview: 160 Chapt. 19 Thermodynamics I: Temperature, Heat, First Law What is , Alex? a) a state variable or function of state b) temperature c) pressure d) caloric e) no such thing 019 qmult 00500 1 1 1 easy thinking: linear expansion in fluids Extra keywords: This question is too wordy. 12. Volume expansion coefficients are usually given for liquids (which together with gases constitute fluids) instead of linear expansion coefficients. Linear expansion coefficients (although they can be specified) arnt very meaningful theoretically or practically. This is because: a) fluids (simple fluids at least) CANNOT withstand the tendency of any applied force to deform them in a way that leaves volume unchanged. Thus, if a fluid expands thermally, its shape will usually change unless, for example, the fluid container scales up ISOTROPICALLY with the same volume expansion coefficient as the water. Therefore, point-to-point distances between specified fluid elements will usually NOT SCALE UP uniformly.uniformly....
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