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Unformatted text preview: 162 Chapt. 19 Thermodynamics I: Temperature, Heat, First Law 019 qmult 01300 1 4 3 easy deducto-memory: 3 modes of heat transfer I Extra keywords: physci 20. The three common heat transfer processes are: a) conduction, invection, and radiative transfer. b) induction, convection, and radiative equilibrium. c) conduction, convection, and radiative transfer. d) conduction, invection, and radiative equilibrium. e) introduction, insurrection, and radiative hibernation. 019 qmult 01400 1 4 5 easy deducto-memory: 3 modes of heat transfer II Extra keywords: physci 21. The three commonly known means of heat transfer are: a) conduction, convection, hyperventilation. b) conduction, contrition, contemplation. c) conduction, neutrinos, gravitational radiation. d) crenelation, navigation, mutation. e) conduction, convection, radiative transfer. Full-Answer Problems 019 qfull 00100 2 5 0 moderate thinking: thermal linear expansion, invar Extra keywords: see WP, p. 447 for the expansion coefficients 1. You are trying to fit an invar bolt of diameter 11....
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