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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 171

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 171 - Chapt 21 Thermodynamics...

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Chapt. 21 Thermodynamics III: Second Law and Entropy Multiple-Choice Problems 021 qmult 00100 1 4 5 easy deducto-memory: heat engine definition Extra keywords: physci 1. “Let’s play Jeopardy ! For $100, the answer is: A device that operates in a cycle. It extracts heat from a hot reservoir and converts some fraction of this heat into macroscopic work and rejects the rest of the heat to a cold reservoir.” What is a , Alex? a) working fluid b) piston c) cylinder d) refrigerator e) heat engine 021 qmult 00110 1 4 2 easy deducto-memory: example heat engine 1 2. An example of a heat engine is a/an: refrigerator. 021 qmult 00210 1 1 2 easy memory: refrigerator gives off more heat Extra keywords: physci KB-130-20
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