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Unformatted text preview: 168 Chapt. 21 Thermodynamics III: Second Law and Entropy e) Entropy would always increase to a maximum in an open system. 021 qmult 00330 1 4 3 easy deducto-memory: Carnot heat flows 6. What is a key reason why the ideal Carnot engine is a reversible engine? a) Heat flows occur across non-zero temperature gradients. b) Heat flows occur across large temperature gradients. c) Heat flows occur across zero temperature gradients. d) Heat flows occur from cold to hot baths. e) There are no heat flows at all. 021 qmult 00410 1 1 5 easy memory: Carnot efficiency Extra keywords: physci 7. The efficiency ε of the ideal Carnot engine (which is the most efficient of all possible heat engines) working between a hot bath of temperature T h and a cold bath of temperature T c is: a) ε = T c /T h . b) ε = T h /T c . c) ε = 2 − T c /T h . d) ε = T c /T h − 1. e) ε = 1 − T c /T h . 021 qmult 00420 1 4 2 easy deducto-memory: Carnot engines in practice Extra keywords: physci 8. A Carnot engine that achieves the ideal maximum efficiency may be impossible in practice, but8....
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