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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 173

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 173 - Chapt 21 Thermodynamics...

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Chapt. 21 Thermodynamics III: Second Law and Entropy 169 021 qmult 00500 1 1 4 easy memory: state function 12. If you integrate a change in a quantity around any closed path on a p - V diagram, and the result is always zero, this suggests that the quantity is: a) heat. b) work. c) a state fair. d) a state function. e) a mare’s-nest. 021 qmult 00510 1 1 1 easy memory: entropy defined Extra keywords: physci 13. The thermodynamic quantity that is a measure of microscopic disorder is: a) entropy. b) temperature. c) pressure. d) density. e) volume. 021 qmult 00520 1 4 3 easy deducto-memory: entropy law emergent principle Extra keywords: physci 14. The 2nd law of thermodynamics (which the instructor at least calls the entropy law) say that the entropy of a closed, macroscopic system will increase until it reaches a maximum at which point the system will be in thermodynamic equilibrium and will be unchanging at the macroscopic level. Entropy in thermodynamics is a well-defined measure of microscopic disorder. The
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