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170 Chapt. 21 Thermodynamics III: Second Law and Entropy b) thermodynamic disequilibrium.” c) varying, life-sustaining thermodynamic equilibrium.” d) elves in charge.” e) peace on Earth and goodwill to humankind.” Full-Answer Problems 021 qfull 00100 3 5 0 tough thinking: reversible engine/frig I 1. Using words, diagrams, or equations clearly show that a refrigerator more eFcient than a reversible engine leads to a contradiction of the classical statements of the second law and all observations too. 021 qfull 00200 3 5 0 tough thinking: reversible engine/frig II 2. Let’s consider an engine and frig operating between a hot and a cold bath. The engine is used to drive the frig. The two baths are in self-thermodynamic equilibrium. Use primes to distinguish frig from engine variables: i.e., for the frig Q c (heat absorbed from the cold bath), Q h (heat rejected to the hot bath), and W (work input); and for the engine Q c (heat rejected to the cold bath), Q h (heat absorbed from the hot bath),
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