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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 22 Electric Charge 175 a) Boltzmann’s constant b) Planck’s constant c) Avogadro’s number d) Fred’s constant e) Coulomb’s constant 022 qmult 00630 1 1 5 easy memory: category of Coulomb’s law Extra keywords: physci KB-169-5 19. Coulomb’s law is a: a) societal law. b) law of thermodynamics. c) law of motion. d) conservation law. e) force law. 022 qmult 00640 1 1 2 easy memory: electric and gravity force inverse-square Extra keywords: physci KB-140 sort of 20. The electrostatic force and gravity are both force laws. a) inverse-linear b) inverse-square c) inverse-cube d) linear e) quadratic 022 qmult 00650 1 1 2 easy memory: net charge and force Extra keywords: physci KB-172-9 This is a simplified version. 21. For two POINT masses to exert a Coulomb force on each other: a) both must be uncharged. b) both must be charged. c) one must charged and the other uncharged. d) their charges must both be greater than 1C. e) their charges must both be less than 1 C....
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