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Unformatted text preview: 184 Chapt. 23 The Electric Field d) Assuming the motion of the electron is uniform circular motion, what is the electron speed v ? What is the ratio v/c , where c is the speed of light? Recall v/c is conventionally designated β in relativity. 023 qfull 00530 2 3 0 moderate math: simple electric dipole electric field 5. A simple electric dipole consists of two point charges equal magnitude and opposite in sign (i.e., q and − q ). a) Draw a diagram of a simple electric dipole and sketch in its electric field lines. b) Give the general formula of the electric field of the simple dipole in polar coordinates where the radius r is measured from the midpoint between the two charges (which is the conventional origin) and the polar angle θ is measured from the positive side of the axis through the two charges. Give the formula in terms of vector r , r (the magnitude of vector r ), θ , vectora (the vector from the origin to the positive charge q ), − vectora (the vector from the origin to the...
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