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Unformatted text preview: 194 Chapt. 25 Electric Potential that the potential energy of the set is given by a) 1 2 summationdisplay i V i . b) summationdisplay i q i V i . c) 1 2 summationdisplay i q i V i . d) 1 2 summationdisplay i q i . e) summationdisplay i q i . 025 qmult 00740 1 1 1 easy memory: conductor sharp points 22. At the sharp edges and points of a charged conductor, the surface charge density and electric field tend to be: a) relatively high. b) relatively low. c) mediocre. d) less than you might think. e) relatively relative. 025 qmult 10150 1 1 3 tough math: work-energy theorem, el. potential fullmult 23. ∗∗∗ A particle of charge q 1 is held at the origin. A second particle of charge q 2 and mass m 2 is held a distance r initial away and then released from rest. Both charges are positive. The only force around is the Coulomb force between the particles. What is the expression for particle 2’s speed when it reaches r = ∞ ?...
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