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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 199

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 199 - Chapt 25 Electric...

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Chapt. 25 Electric Potential 195 e) If a point charge of charge q > 0 is put on the x -axis exactly at x = 0, what is the net force on it? What would happen to the point charge if it were slightly displaced along the x -axis from x = 0? Assume that the point charge is constrained to move along the x -axis: for instance it may be thought of as a bead on a frictionless wire. Other than the force of constraint assume that the only the Coulomb force due to the ring acts on the bead. f) Assume the point charge from part (e) is displaced by a vanishingly small amount from x = 0 along the x -axis and initially has zero velocity. The point charge has mass m . Derive the point charge’s VELOCITY at x = ±∞ . Express the velocity in terms of q ring , q , b , and m ? 025 qfull 00250 2 3 0 moderate math: 2 charges on a line Extra keywords: This needs fixing up in light of the similar question in ch.23. 3. Consider two charges q 1 and q 2 on the x -axis at, respectively, points x 1 and x 2 : x 2 >x 1 . The zero of potential is at infinity.
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