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Unformatted text preview: 202 Chapt. 26 Capacitors and Capacitance c) What is the capacitance formula for an ideal spherical plate capacitor? Assume inner and outer radii a and b , and the positive charge on the inner plate. In this case the high- symmetry condition applies exactly. d) What limiting case formula do you get from the part (c) answer if b → ∞ ? In this case you put the outer plate at infinity. It’s shape so far away has no effect since the electric field where it is important obeys spherical symmetry. Remember the universe is overall neutral (it seems). So if you isolate a spherical plate of positive charge, somewhere off in the universe is negative charge to balance it. 026 qfull 00200 2 3 0 moderate math: capacitor and switch 2. Let’s analyze the static states of a very simple circuit consisting of an ideal battery with emf E , a capacitor of capacitance C c , switch of capacitance C s when open, and connecting wires....
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