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Chapt. 26 Capacitors and Capacitance 203 026 qfull 01000 1 3 0 easy math: classical electron radius Extra keywords: Uses electric Feld energy, and so is capacitor lecture problem. 4. People once tried to devise a semi-classical model of an electron in which the rest mass energy given by the Einstein equation E = mc 2 ( E for energy here) was entirely stored as electric Feld energy. Remember this energy can be easily calculated from the potential energy of the assembled charge distribution provided you don’t have to calculate the potential energy of a point charge. a) What they did was assume that all the electron charge was uniformly spread on the surface of a sphere of radius R . (Note this distribution avoids any point charges). What is the potential energy of a sphere of radius R with uniform surface density Q ? b) What formula and value for R did those long-ago folks arrive at from their model? c) As a matter of fact, the proton has a measurable radius of about 0
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