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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 27 Currents and Resistance Multiple-Choice Problems 027 qmult 00100 1 1 1 easy memory: electrical current partially defined Extra keywords: physci 1. An electrical current, partially defined, is: a) moving charge. b) static charge. c) electrical potential. d) moving water. e) static water. 027 qmult 00110 1 4 5 easy deducto-memory: electrical current defined 2. Lets play Jeopardy ! For $100, the answer is: It is the rate of charge per unit time passing or flowing through a specified surface in a specified sense and well call this quantity flow for the nonce (i.e., for the rest of this answer). By charge without qualification, one means the net charge (i.e., positive plus negative charge or positive charge minus the absolute value of negative charge). By specified sense, one means that one defines one side of the surface as the positive side where all charge flows to that side are added and all charge flows to the other side are subtracted. This means that added positive charge or subtracted negative charge both increasesubtracted....
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