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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 215

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 215 - Chapt 27 Currents and...

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Chapt. 27 Currents and Resistance 211 A to B. Using the two results find the formula for ratio R . What does one actually need to evaluate the formula? h) Say one had the special case of exact cross sectional symmetry along an axis: i.e., the conductor cross section was constant along the axis and the E-field was uniform everywhere in the conductor and its direction was parallel to the axis of symmetry. In this case, there is no guide charge. The cross sectional area is A and the conductor length is . 027 qfull 00410 2 3 0 moderate math: power integrated for heater 6. A 1250 W radiant heater operates with a potential difference across it of 115 V. a) What is the current in the heater? b) What is the resistance R 0 of the heater coil? c) How much energy (in MKS units) does the heater absorb and emit (it’s the same amount) in a time t 0 = 1 hour? d) Now say that due to a defect the resistor starts to increase in resistance from its proper value R 0 calculated in part (b). The resistance increases according to the expression R ( t ) = R 0 (
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