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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 216

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 216 - Chapt 28 Circuits...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 28 Circuits Multiple-Choice Problems 028 qmult 00100 1 4 4 easy deducto-memory: circuit definition 1. “Let’s play Jeopardy ! For $100, the answer is: A closed loop or loops of conductors in which currents can flow.” What are , Alex? a) magnets b) Faraday’s and Lenz’s laws c) capacitors d) circuits e) bread and circuits 028 qmult 00110 1 1 3 easy memory: Kirchhoff’s current law 2. Charge conservation applied to steady state currents in circuits leads to: a) Kirchhoff’s voltage law. b) Ohm’s law. c) Kirchhoff’s current law. d) Newton’s 2nd law. e) energy conservation. 028 qmult 00120 1 4 5 easy deducto-memory: Kirchhoff’s voltage law 1 3. The potential change around any closed path is zero, and thus in the special case of an electrical circuit the potential changes summed over all elements in the circuit must be: a) infinite: this is Mozart’s 3rd law. b) positive: this is Krankheit’s 1st law....
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