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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 218

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 218 - 214 Chapt 28 Circuits...

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214 Chapt. 28 Circuits What are , Alex? a) odometer and speedometer b) taximeter and altimeter c) multimeter and ohmmeter d) kilometer and Demeter e) ammeter and voltmeter 028 qmult 00710 1 4 4 easy deducto-memory: RC circuit time constant 13. The e -folding time or time constant of a simple RC (resistor-capacitor) circuit is given by: a) τ = C/R . b) τ = 1 / ( RC ). c) τ = R/C . d) τ = RC . e) τ = R 2 /C . 028 qmult 10300 3 3 2 tough thinking: infinite ladder resistor mult 14. ∗∗∗ Consider an infinite ladder resistor. There are two terminals A and B at the left: A is the upper terminal; B is the lower terminal. From each terminal, a wire extends to infinity in the rightward direction. There are vertical wires at equal intervals connecting the A wire and the B wire: these are the rungs of the ladder. On each vertical wire (each rung) is a resistor of resistance R . On the A wire before each node (going rightward) is also a resistor of resistance R . Draw a diagram.
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