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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 220

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 220 - 216 Chapt 28 Circuits 028...

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216 Chapt. 28 Circuits 028 qfull 00520 1 3 0 easy math: 1 loop circuit Extra keywords: (HR-654:5E) 5. There is a single loop circuit with two reversible emfs ( E 1 = 12 V and E 2 = 6 V) and two resistors ( R 1 = 4 Ω and R 2 = 8 . 0 Ω). (Reversible in this context means they can supply or absorb energy.) Consider the loop to be rectangular as usual: R 1 is on the top segment; R 2 is on the right segment; E 1 is on the bottom segment with positive terminal aimed right; E 2 is on the left segment with positive terminal aimed up. a) Draw a schematic circuit diagram with correct symbols for the components. b) What is the current in the circuit with direction specified? c) What is the power dissipated in each resistor? d) What is the power of each battery and is it emitted or absorbed? 028 qfull 00530 2 5 0 moderate thinking: power in simple loop Extra keywords: with a variable resistor 6. You have a single loop circuit with a battery of fixed emf E and two resistors (in series of course) with resistances R 1 and R . The resistor R is variable.
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