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Unformatted text preview: 244 Chapt. 32 Inductance and Inductors a) its immanence. b) its resistance. c) its capacitance. d) its inductance. e) the current through it. 032 qmult 00300 1 1 2 easy memory: ideal solenoid inductance 7. The ideal solenoid has no magnetic field outside and magnetic field inside vector B = nI z , where n is the number of turns per unit length, I is the current through the solenoid, and z is the symmetry axis with its sense determined by a right-hand rule from the current flow in the turns. From this formula, the solenoid length , area A , and volume V vol , and Faradays law of induction E = d dt , one can easily calculate the ideal solenoid inductance to be: a) L = n 2 V vol /A . b) L = n 2 V vol . c) L = n 2 V vol A/ . d) L = n 2 . e) L = nV vol A/ . 032 qmult 00410 1 1 1 easy memory: RL circuit behavior 8. In an RC circuit the potential across a capacitor is proportional to the integral of current and in an RL circuit the potential across an inductor is proportional to:...
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