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Chapt. 33 Alternating Current or AC 251 what is the non-complex number impedance (which is called the [non-complex] inductive reactance) and the phase angle for current? a) L and 90 . b) L/ω and 90 . c) 1 / ( ωL ) and 90 . d) ωL and 90 . e) ωL and 90 . 033 qmult 00520 1 4 3 easy deducto-memory: driven RLC circuits, resonance 17. The driven RLC circuit exhibits: a) resonance at zero angular frequency. b) correspondence at zero angular frequency. c) resonance at angular frequency ω = 1 / LC . d) correspondence at angular frequency ω = 1 / LC . e) despondence at angular frequency ω = 1 / LC . 033 qmult 00530 1 4 1 easy deducto-memory: RLC circuit, resonance 18. A well known use of a RLC circuit is to: a) tune in a desired frequency: for example a particular radio or television frequency. b) change AC to DC. c) change DC to AC. d) multiply an undesired frequency. e) divide a desired frequency.
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